“I ride Ease”

Some will say it was thunder, many of those it was just a Harley backfire.

Yet others will say that’s the take off my tyre.

In the distance winds you find this ol’ biker.

Now I ride freely on endless roads, clenched tight onto chrome bars, ride the path as it goes.

Even though you feel I was too soon gone, it was this body that said that time was now done.

I have known you hurt, and I hear you cry, know my eyes are blur with wind as I ride.

In your heart remain a piece of me, “my good boy” on the highway, I ride free.

Thus please don’t worry, for I’m never lonely.

Sweet sound of engine throttle always to my glory.

With raging winds on either side, drumming of my heart’s contentment while I ride.

You might miss me, as the days pass on while.

Just close your eyes and see my smirk of a smile.

I think of you as I am engulfed by amber skies, but this ol’ biker treads in peace as the road ties.

My life was full of love and labour true, always remains my love for family and for you, I hold greatest

pride in eyes sky blue.

Yet this body said, “time is up pal”, it was now through.

Understand though I was promised the ride like no other.

With the best roads and forever endless summer.

For now may the sun always rise in front of me, let the rushing winds follow behind and be.

This isn’t a goodbye but till we meet,

As for now I ride ease, E.

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